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the interview enthusiast [14 May 2013|03:10pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I graduated a year ago with my MA in publishing. I have had... let me think...

14 interviews since then- like the big kind that you get really excited for. I'm currently 0 for 14.

Let me qualify this with: yes, this is for sure a 'first world' problem. I fully concede that I am lucky to have a job at all, and I am very pleased to live outside of my parents' domicile. I even have my own paid-off car. Other perks? My off-beat retail hours allow me to kick around town when most people are at work. For instance: I just walked down to the city library and had the media room to myself. Like a boss. I can go to Maple Barn on a weekday and not have to wait for delicious stuffed-french toast. I can have mimosas on Tuesdays and hang out at the beach on Mondays. I read outside on my sunny porch any morning I want since I work at night.

But. Saturdays and Sundays are the worst days of the week. Bad in the sense that I want to wear a helmet to gather carts in our war-zone parking lot. I work opposite of my husband and family. I hardly ever get the opportunity to cook dinner. I can barely support the weight of my student loans. I spend more time than I wish pacifying unreasonable people.

I'm not using my education for work. I've had the internships, recommendations, the networking...but now I need someone Not to Pass on me after an interview. My classmates have, for the most part, landed good jobs. They worked hard, they deserve it, and I'm happy for them. Now, after a year, I'm worried I'll never make it. Seventeen-year-old me would be pretty disappointed.
However, you have to adjust your expectations as you go. I absolutely find pleasure and meaning in the life I'm living right now. But I can't help getting frustrated.

at least there's karate tonight

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Hurray for weather! [08 Feb 2013|04:27pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I'm in a blizzard. But I'm inside a cozy apartment on a fluffy couch beneath a warm laptop.

There has been a fair amount of hysteria around southern New Hampshire concerning the wrath of snowstorm Nemo. Oddly enough, many customers at TJ's were finding solace in buying mass amounts of frozen food. Upon losing power, they would have the dual problem of preserving the food and cooking it. Or maybe they like frozen Indian meals, who knows. You don't have that problem with chocolate, wine, and beer (which is why I'm going to win the blizzard.)

The Weather Channel has joined the fun by engaging in some light editorializing, calling the encroaching blizzard 'crippling' and 'life-threatening' rather than just stating the expected accumulation and wind speeds.

I bought a sled this morning.

I'm still scheduled to work tomorrow morning.

Hopefully work will be off, and I'll spend tomorrow trudging through 3 feet of snow toward the choicest hillsides.

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Banjos and nachos [18 Jan 2013|01:31pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Joe left for Seattle early this morning. Of course I'll miss the guy, but it will be interesting to break routine a little. Without a convenient buddy at home, I'll be more likely to do things out in public.

Also, I like driving around at 4 am, it's much less stressful without all the hosers on the highway.

And, I've expanded my job search quite a bit to include anything relating to publishing or education within commuting distance. The goal is to apply to one job a day. A reasonable & attainable goal.

Tomorrow is Indian food and Tenacious D night with my pals from Boston. They've never had Indian food before. I have, but not while watching Pick of Destiny.

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Waffles and rhetoric [13 Jan 2013|12:04pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Applied to loads of other publishing jobs.

Also got fitted for a lovely Glacier (pronounced glassy-er)-colored bridesmaid dress for miss Cailin's October wedding yesterday.

Alas, my fluke 4 day weekend is at an end now. Time for the long lonely drive of loneliness down to south Nashua. Just kidding, Sundays are alright. All my pals are working and there's usually free beer and wine samples. At least unexplained cheese in the break room.

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Balls. [11 Jan 2013|04:59pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I didn't get that job. Ah well.

I applied to a few others that would be pretty cool, but I'm a little weary of this whole process. Starting to suspect I might have some secret obscenities lurking in my resume somewhere.

The good new is that I am still employed with health benefits (fancy, right?).

And now I get to chow some fantastic Italian food since manfriend and I had previously scheduled a congratulation/consolation dinner for this evening.

The best part though--I no longer have to wait to hear whether or not I got the job. Seriously, the first interview was November 20. It's been a long process.

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Glorious day of nothings [11 Jan 2013|12:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

I don't have to do anything today.

However, I am still on my quest to reinvigorate my lj account. I won't get too into the missing years (April 2009-December 2012) but here's a quick re-cap:

April 2009- got the coveted social work job in Davis, worked there for a year.
March 2010- accepted to grad school in Boston, prepared to leave California
April 2010- left California via road trip with man friend and hermano. Highlights from road trip include rediscovering weird al, driving through a herd of deer unscathed, visiting Niagara falls, and not leaving hermano in Ohio.
May 2010- began working at Trader Joe's in Tyngsboro via recommendation of the lovely and talented Nina.
August 2010- moved into a house in Nashua with kevin, becky, man friend, and some cats. Went to Astoria, Oregon (aka Goonies' town) for my cousin's fabulous beach wedding.
September 2010- grad school. Met Cailin in copyediting class my first week & became insta-buddies.
October 2010- Met Amada at Cailin's Halloween party, another insta-buddy...
February 2011- finally got Amada and Kevin to meet at a house party in Nashua. Got to witness love at first sight, which was pretty rad
May 2011- got engaged down by the river
August 2011- moved to Merrimack during a hurricane. Kev and Amada moved to Melrose. Becky kept the nashua house in the roommate divorce.
October 2011- Visited LeeAnne in New Mexico for Balloon Fiesta
December 2011- began job search quest
May 2012- Mastered the Arts!
June 2012- began news internship with NHPR. Highlights include interviewing state reps, senators, and the president of Smuttynose.
July 2012- TJ's moves to Nashua. Met with enthusiastic mob of surly New Hampshirites on opening day.
August 2012- Manfriend and I moved to a haunted Victorian house on Main street (ghosts may actually be excitable attic squirrels)
October 2012- married man friend of 7 years at epic fiesta in New Hampshire. Traveled to Costa Rica to celebrate. Saw many monkeys and iguanas
November 2012- experienced massive relief on election night. my cat became suddenly and inexplicably fat.
December 2012- Visited Seattle family with Joe. Saw some epic fish tossing and winter storms. Manfriend begins formation of his stone masonry company along with his partner. (They're still on the look out for company names since 'Stone Garden' is taken. I recommended 'Rock Candy' but they're not too keen on it. Ideas?)

I'm sure I left out a bunch of important stuff, but there's at least the trail guide of where we've been wandering. Now that school and wedding planning is over, I'm mainly occupied by my job search. I'm still with TJ's--a good job by any standard--but I'm stoked to get a chance to try something new. I've had 8 big interviews since graduating. I'm currently awaiting a response from my latest.

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Oh hi Livejournal [09 Jan 2013|12:52pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I forgot this existed a little. Anyone else still here?

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woot [30 Mar 2009|11:44am]
[ mood | busy ]

leaving now to pick up joe-

so, i thought his plane came in at 7 pm, but it's really 1 pm, way off!

at least the airport's wicked close

p.p.s, i should hear about grad school and my third interview today :D !!!

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logic [25 Mar 2009|12:12pm]
[ mood | blerg. ]

my buddy ryan was moved to another applebees because his performance in davis was so good and was determined to be a factor that kept the store alive this long.
therefore, he was moved to another store, much farther away from where he lives. i see, that makes sense. davis is on the brink, and what a crappy reward to give someone who did a good job.

'A+ dude, now here's an hour commute to your shitty job'


i have one less comrade at work now, which is a bummer. also, the replacement manager asked me how to close one of the stations last night. not a good sign.
like in high school at papa's, when we got that new manager who didn't wear socks to work, and didn't know how to count out a cash drawer.

ah, and UConn is battling Berkeley, which i find amusing.

and I drove Joe to the airport at 4 am this morning so he can visit home and defend his thesis. He's got it in the bag, but it'll still be nice when it's finally over

and i got my tax return, huzzah! ooo, aaaand i got that second interview scheduled for friday. so, i really might get health insurance soon. i would love to see the dentist.

and i had this weird vertigo thing the past few days. it sometimes messes with my vision too, but only when i work out. blerg.

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durpadurp [23 Mar 2009|02:30pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i had zombie dreams again. they chased me a lot and i hid in a tree, then swam to mexico where i had to try not to get snagged on coral reefs. i spoke spanish in my sleep to dream mexicans and i kept accidentally saying italian words.

in real life, i was busy sleeping through my alarm while mentally dodging zombies
it was a busy morning
but i made it to work on time

picked up some fun california trivia at work, :D i'll tell you guys later.

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oakland [22 Mar 2009|11:25am]
[ mood | blank ]

oh man, did you guys read about the policemen who got shot in oakland last night? pretty horrible


the killer had an assault weapon. seriously now.. i believe in the constitution, but there's no reason for citizens to own assault weapons.

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[21 Mar 2009|11:49am]
[ mood | hungovah ]

i want to keep half my brain in a jar at home when i go to work, so maybe it can do something productive, like read the paper, when the rest of me is bussing tables.

not to complain, but the imagery made me laugh a little, so i thought i'd share.

time to go :(

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happy st paddy's day :D [17 Mar 2009|10:42am]
[ mood | nom nom ]

oh man, i am totally jumping the gun, but i got a request for a second interview for a job i'd actually care about-

similar to moore center, but no transporting, local, and immediate health coverage.

yes, this might be a mirage, but i can't help getting excited. eeee :D

can it be? my dream of going to the dentist again might finally come true!

and really, i'd much rather do something like this than retail, or restaurants, or answering phones and generally being an office peon.

and yes. this is the job i'd interviewed for before in january, and the person i was to replace decided not to quit. so, fingers crossed that she actually sticks to it this time.

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bloggy blog blog [16 Mar 2009|11:28am]
[ mood | giant burrito ]

my brain is dying a slow death at work

working abroad is getting increasingly more appealing every time i clock in

joe has a female-friend in New York City with several degrees- including passing the bar in NY which is notoriously difficult. and she can't get work. I am nowhere near that impressive on my resume
but no employer seems to want to bother with entry-level bums such as my entire demographic.

i will not work in crappy family restaurants until grad school finally excepts me 6 months or 2 years down the road. if i don't get in this coming year, i will probably leave again. which is just fine, i will only see friends and immediate family about once a year as it is; so i could do the same thing from japan or korea while making enough yen to pay the bills.

and that's the thing, i'm not trying to get rich, i'm just trying not to default on loans. seriously now

also, it'd be exciting to travel again. the rub is that i'd have to sell my car, store my stuff somewhere...and afford the move. hmm.

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2nd amendment [13 Mar 2009|04:38pm]
[ mood | calm ]

my friend at work was present for a drive-by yesterday

he was at his cousin's house in sacramento when -

'some kids drove by and started shouting shit at my cousin, so he yelled back...a few minutes later they drove round again and started poppin caps'

jaime said him and his uncle ducked behind the truck, and his cousin was shot in the leg

Now, jaime is a normal kid, he's not some nutty drug dealer or anything. i don't know anything about his cousin, but still. he seemed relieved to be ok, but not very surprised by the whole chain of events.

everyone else in the kitchen listening to his story just kind of nodded and said 'ah, glad you're ok man.' my reactions was more 'holy crap you got shot at?!'

it's just not that unusual? i don't know. I didn't think this area was that bad.

ah well, this is America, and we're entitled to buy semiautomatic concealable weapons for personal use.

anyway. haven't heard back from school yet. or interview guy. but, i picked up some beers and ice cream to celebrate the lovely weather and the free friday night with manfriend.

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why the happy? [11 Mar 2009|12:21pm]
[ mood | calm ]

i'm in a great mood.

i worked all evening yesterday with a migraine- which is pretty difficult. it helped that customers were all weirdly normal and friendly, my manager is a swell guy, and everything went pretty smoothly. i picked up some del taco, maowed a handful of ibeprofin (however you spell that) and hung out with fabulous manfriend.

one of my coworkers is also trying to work at the new thai place in town (which was where my latest interview was). He knows the hiring manager pretty well, and said he thinks i'll probly get the job. i've also got another interview on the 18th; nothing spectacular, but i could use all the jobs i can get. especially if applebees doesn't veer off its course towards destruction.

not sure what will happen in the next few months, but i'm not that worried.

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'have you ever been in a turkish prison?' [10 Mar 2009|12:02pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i keep forgetting to do my taxes. instead i watched 'airplane' this morning, and now i'm heading to the gym. then, tax time.

i had a fabulous interview yesterday, however, i've had many fabulous interviews that amounted to absolutely nothing, so I'll wait to celebrate on that one.

another applebees closed down in yolo county the other day; it's been about one a week for over a month. now, davis is on the bottom of the list for sales. they might get lucky cause davis is a training store and i guess not all of the branches are. i'm not attached to this job at all, but it would suck for everyone involved to show up to work and realize it's closed for good. nobody has gotten any warning thus far.
sometime, i should list all the bankruptcies i've been involved in.. it's adding up

in other news, grandma may's 104th b-day party was fun. joe and i got a little lost in foster city, but we arrived just on time for the festivities. muir woods was also amazing; so was visiting the headlands by the bridge. i'll have to post photos on facebook soon

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hey hey hey! [06 Mar 2009|11:43am]
[ mood | pie? ]

something good is going to happen soon

because i've sent out one million resumes (dr evil style) and i started making all my cover letters incredibly fancy and memorable; because formal and ordinary doesn't cut it.

and i can't stand my job. i mean it makes me sad to be at work. it's worse than other restaurants somehow. i like my coworkers too, and surprisingly, the management as well.

i can't explain it. maybe i just feel far to old to STILL be doing this.

but i applied to some local social work gigs, some other random admin stuff, and work in san francisco. something will change soon!

and oh man. i just had the worst day yesterday. the kind where, if i didn't need the job so much, i would've put my notice in. i am continually surprised at how rotten my own species can be without provocation.

gotta run to work now.

ps, great grandma may's 104th b-day is tomorrow, yikes! i need to get her a present :D

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'looking for the right person' [27 Feb 2009|04:47pm]
classifieds 'looking for the right person' never get back to me. is the 'right person' overqualified for the usually mindless work that the ad is requesting?

you know, it takes 45 minutes or so to learn how to be a receptionist. you don't need 'a minimum of 5 years' experience to answer phone and wrangle wild fax machines. that's why temping is so popular- you learn many jobs, usually different ones each week, with little to no training.

so this 'right person' crap is just so silly.

i have given up on office work. today i applied to several more Davis establishments just looking for the cash monies while i apply to more serious positions in san francisco. I'm reaaally hoping for the ben and jerry's store. the kid yesterday said 'you ought to hand in a really creative resume- to catch their attention.' so this morning i drew cows and ice cream in colored pastel all over a resume and gave it to the boss. then i bought a strawberry cheesecake shake, and it was amazing.

i have an escape pod. but i don't want to use it unless i can't get a job by May. then it's overseas again.
i'd much rather stay in the bay area and get a job and be not an expatriot.

i miss thunderstorms
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deleriously ambiguous [25 Feb 2009|10:30am]
[ mood | still ok ]

i am very happy and optimistic because i've decided that giving up on Davis is alright.

negative, yet positive. it still might work out here, but i got back from texas to a slew of 'the position had been filled... you do not meet qualifications...the budget for this position has been cut....'

guys, i'm not exaggerating. i spend about 2 hours every day here in davis on the job search. time i could have used to learn spanish or.. basically anything more constructive than throwing effort into the black hole of job applications.

and, it seems that my current job is still on the brink of extinction. i am not complaining though, i just need to sort out what to do next. and that is tricky because i'm in a lease, and joe does have a decent job that he doesn't completely hate.

time for more plotting and stratagem

but, i'm comfortable with the idea of being on the move again.
also, know what's funny? there were 'help wanted' signs all over Austin when i was there this weekend.. i think it's just this hapless valley i live in that's particularly bad.

also also, the family reunion was awesome :D!
i got to surprise my dad and brother- i arrived at my uncles house before they got in from NH, and Carinae had me hide with my little cousins (5 and 3 years old) so she could be all like 'oh, the kids are hiding, go find them' when my family arrived, and so we popped out from behind a couch when they walked into the upstairs living room. yea yea it's cheesy, but i had a great time out there.
austin is the coolest part of texas, check it out someday; it's the live music capital of texas, and it has some of the best mexican EVER >:D wooot

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